3 Important Changes to Indiana’s Specialized Driving Privileges Law

Beginning July 1, 2015, important changes go into effect concerning Indiana’s specialized driving privileges law. As Indianapolis attorneys, Black Clay LLC keeps Hoosiers up-to-date on state law. Here are the 3 most important changes affecting suspended driving in Indiana: 1. Some drivers who are suspended for life will now be able to get their “lifetime suspension” removed. Through the process of “rescission”, Indiana drivers who are currently serving lifetime suspensions to their driving privileges may now be eligible to have their suspensions removed. Generally, a person with a lifetime suspension can petition the Court to terminate the lifetime suspension if it has been more than three years since their lifetime suspension went into effect and the person has not been convicted for operating a vehicle during the lifetime suspension. If you have been convicted for operating during their lifetime suspension, you may still pursue specialized driving privileges under Indiana Code … Continued

The 5 Most Important Aspects of Indiana’s New Specialized Driving Privileges Law

Beginning January 1, 2015 drastic changes to Indiana‘s law concerning driver’s licenses and driving license suspensions go into effect. Here are the 5 Most Important Aspects of Indiana’s New Specialized Driving Privileges Law from the Indianapolis attorneys of Black Clay LLC:   1. Probationary and Hardship Licenses No Longer Available Beginning January 1, 2015, suspended Indiana drivers will no longer be able to seek probationary licenses for Habitual Traffic Violator (“HTV”) suspensions or hardship licenses for other suspensions, including those resulting from failure to provide financial responsibility (proof of automobile insurance), a DUI arrest or conviction, or from having excessive points from speeding and/or other traffic related violations. If you have a driver’s license suspension, you will need to seek specialized driving privileges. 2. No More Waiting Period for Suspended HTV Drivers to Get Back on the Road A very important change stemming from Indiana’s new Specialized Driving Privileges Law … Continued

New Indiana Law Offers Specialized Driving Privileges for Suspended Drivers

A new Indiana law may offer relief to many drivers in Indianapolis and throughout the state with a suspended drivers license or have been previously unable to get a hardship license or probationary driving privileges.  The newly established Indiana Code § 9-30-16, which goes into effect on January 1, 2015, significantly changes the range of people eligible for driving privileges during a court or BMV-ordered suspension, good news for some suspended drivers. Previously, Indiana imposed severe restrictions on eligibility for hardship privileges for suspended drivers.  Now, unless you have: 1. Never held a valid Indiana driver’s license; 2. Only hold a CDL license; or 3. Have been suspended for refusing to submit to a chemical test; You may be eligible for specialized driving privileges even if you did not qualify for relief before.  This potentially includes drivers who have been found to be “Habitual Traffic Violators”, drivers whose licenses have … Continued

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