A background check can be a scary proposition for some people. Thanks to Indiana’s expungement laws, this does not need to be the case. In 2013, sweeping changes were made to Indiana laws regarding an individual’s right to have their criminal convictions and arrests expunged or sealed. Many people recently became eligible (and more become eligible each day) to clean up their records thanks to the addition of Indiana Code § 35-38-9 to Indiana’s laws. Under these new laws, people who have put their past mistakes behind them can get a fresh start by sealing their arrest records and expunging convictions from their criminal history. Because the law now directs that employers must treat prospective employees with expungements as if their convictions did not happen, many companies and businesses may expect that applicants have cleaned up their records before submitting their applications. Getting an expungement can open up new opportunities for people who had previously been held back by their records. At Black Clay LLC, we’ve helped dozens of people, throughout the state of Indiana, including residents of Indianapolis and Carmel, get their arrests and convictions sealed or expunged. The process is generally quick and painless, and most of our representation is done at a flat, affordable legal fee. However, expungements are not always straightforward. Everyone’s case or cases are different and each person’s experience with the criminal system may raise new or previously unaddressed issues in their attempt to expunge criminal records in Indiana. Anyone looking to clean up their criminal record should first consult an attorney. Our criminal defense lawyers have helped clients clean up their records in counties across the state of Indiana, and have helped clients with minor offenses all the way to serious felonies received relief. Armed with cleaned-up records, our clients have been able to seek better employment and promotions at work which were previously unobtainable as a result of their misdemeanor or felony arrests or convictions. To find out if you might be eligible for expungement, and to learn how Black Clay LLC can help you, set up an appointment today. If you’re living out-of-state but have an Indiana conviction or arrest on your record, don’t let the distance stop you from getting relief. We’ve assisted people from California to Florida in getting convictions and arrests off their records. Contact us today at (317) 580-9007 to set up a free phone consultation to find out if Black Clay LLC can help you.