A wide array of issues can be the subject of family law disputes. Often times parties find themselves far apart on important issues such as: property settlement subject to a divorce, parenting time visitation, physical custody, which school a child will attend and how the associated costs will be allocated, what type of healthcare a child will receive, and even how school vacation time will be split between each parent. At Black Clay LLC, we know that with so many variables the process can easily become overwhelming. Having an experienced family law attorney in Indianapolis as mediator can mitigate a great deal of the headaches associated with family law disputes. Indiana’s statutes governing dissolution and custody as well as the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines provide a starting point on many contested issues, but they are silent as to the customization that parties more frequently need. Parties disputing these issues before the court generally have the option of submitting their disputes to a family law attorney as mediator, which can often be far more affordable than the more traditional route of court litigation, which can become protracted and seem to never end. Other times, parties may be court ordered to mediation as a means to encourage the parties to reach an agreement outside of court. All parties have the right to hire an Indianapolis family law attorney to represent them at any family law mediation, and having experienced counsel on your side can often be the difference between reaching an agreement which suits your particular needs and being stuck with an agreement you find unworkable only a short time after the agreement is reached. It is the mediator’s job to attempt to reach a compromise between the parties, but the mediator is not acting on your behalf. Indiana state law places strict limitations on a party’s ability to modify a mediated agreement after it is reached, so having an experienced family law attorney on your side before and during the mediation can help to prevent more headache and heartache down the road. For more information, or if you are interested in setting up a free consultation, please contact us now at (317) 580-9007.