A driver’s license suspension can put you into a serious bind. If you’re license has been suspended, you may be eligible for restricted driving privileges during the term of your suspension, but you must seek permission from a court to get back on the road. In Indiana, most areas lack the public transportation availability that will allow you to continue to work and care for your family while your driving privileges are suspended. If this is your first suspension, or if you’ve been suspended for failure to have insurance, call the experienced attorneys today at (317) 580-9007 to talk with one of our attorneys about how Black Clay LLC can help you stay on the road. If you are a habitual traffic offender, there are options as well. If you’ve only recently been notified of habitual offender status, there may be time to challenge the Bureau of Motor Vehicle’s determination – call Black Clay today. If you’ve already been suspended for some time, Indiana’s laws do allow a habitual traffic violator to obtain probationary privileges if they meet certain conditions. Depending on the time of habitual offender suspension that you’ve received, you may be eligible to start driving again in as few as three years. If you or a family member is seeking probationary privileges, call or contact the criminal defense attorneys of Black Clay LLC to set up a free consultation. Driving while suspended is another common issue for motorists, and can have serious criminal implications. Many people don’t even realize that their privileges have been suspended until it is too late. If you’ve been charged with driving while suspended and need assistance, our attorneys offer affordable representation and can help you get your driving record back on track. Even if you are only charged with an infraction, a conviction can have serious ramifications on your driving privileges going forward. Contact us today at (317) 580-9007 to set up appointment.