Many individuals and entrepreneurs fail to recognize the importance and advantages of taking proper measures to create formal legal entities for their businesses. A properly formed LLC, LLP, S-Corp, corporation, non-profit corporation, or partnership created under Indiana’s business laws can protect the owners and investors while establishing a platform from which the business can flourish. The small business law professionals at Black Clay LLC, located in Indianapolis, have the expertise and experience to help you get your business off the ground.

Benefits From Formation or Incorporation Can Include:

  • Protecting Personal Assets
  • Tax Benefits
  • Protecting Your Business Name from Competitors
  • Business Credit

Looking to Start a New Business?

Opening a small business can be risky. If you live in the greater Indianapolis or Carmel area, Black Clay LLC can help you minimize that risk by helping you with all of the steps to create a formal legal entity without breaking the bank. A legal entity offers your business a foundation from which to grow and prosper while offering protection for troubled times.

Let a business attorney from Black Clay LLC assist your small business through the process, including all required registrations with the necessary state and federal authorities. Registration, formation, and proper by-laws can ensure that customers see your company as a legitimate business rather than a hobby. Contact us at (317) 580-9007 and schedule a meeting to discuss how our attorneys can help you get your business on its way to success.

Already Have a Business?

The attorneys at Black Clay LLC offer comprehensive business formation services to help small businesses establish the foundation to grow and prosper. Along with the benefits of formation or incorporation described above, we can assist you in establishing by-laws, partnership agreements, or operating agreements for your business that will enable your company to maintain direction even when disputes arise. Meet with the attorneys at Black Clay LLC to learn more about how we can help keep your company growing.

Are you looking for a highly experienced small business lawyer, divorce lawyer, defense attorney, injury lawyer, or estate attorney in Indianapolis? Contact the professionals at Black Clay LLC at (317) 580-9007, and schedule a consultation at our Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, or Indianapolis law firm.